ACX-check plug-in is 'hidden'

That’s mastering as simple and “bullet resistant” as I could work it out. It’s three tools. Low Rolloff (rumble filter), RMS Normalize (loudness) and Limiter (blue wave peaks). If you have a quiet environment, you can post that and it will clear ACX Check and ACX Technical Conformance. It may not clear theatrical testing, but that’s not an Audacity problem. That’s whether or not you can read.

It appears you may already doing a variation of that, plus mouth noise adjustments and other theatrical patching.

There are some mastering techniques that use compression and dynamic volume altering. If those are working for you, fine, but they they can have problems such as demanding that Noise Reduction and some filtering are applied at the beginning of a piece rather than at the end, and they can really create problems if you have a noisy environment not solved by Noise Reduction. They can also fall apart if you have a low volume reading.

Were you able to get Punch and Roll to work OK? That is a very new part of the Audacity tool kit.