Activation of a noise impossible to remove

Hello everyone,

I’m completely new to Audacity. I tried to watch a lot of tutorials to remove a background noise we had on our voice recording.
It’s a voice recording made from android. I’ve been given the following to edit and modify as needed to use Audacity.

It’s a one-hour talk show recording that we made. At a certain point in the recording when everything was going well at the beginning there is this sound that suddenly appeared as you can see on the attached file. I really took it from the moment the bug arrived.
I tried to fix it - noise reduction - click removal and other effects on audacity but I couldn’t remove this noise.

By the way my mp3 is on audacity 2.3.3 because on 2.4.2 the file can’t open. But the problem is still present if I open with vlc or other.

I don’t know if there would be an expert or other who could give me a track so that I can remove this annoying sound that remains on 45min of the soundtrack. You can hear the person’s voice but I have this annoying noise at the same time because it’s really difficult to understand.

Hopefully I will accept this kind of help on the forum.
Thank you

Audcaity’s DeClicker plugin makes the clicks less offensive …

… but it won’t make it intelligible if there are lots of little pieces missing.

Hi Trebor,

Thank for this plugin i will download it on check if something change. I will let you know.

I have an record more longer if that can help was from the team conversation record by my recorder from my androind phone

Thank you