A lot of edits make the file long to load or make changes

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that if I make a lot of changes to an audio file I am working on, it seems to slow down or even freeze when I try to open the file again later. I’ve read through a number of threads about slow opening files, but I couldn’t find anything that spoke of this or addressed this issue. It’s not just when I open the file. If I want to make a change to the file, the spinning color wheel begins and spins forever. For example, I went to remove a spit line with a single click of the mouse and it’s already been 15 minutes and the wheel is still spinning.

How can I reset the file so that I responds normally again?


It’s been over an hour and the wheel is still spinning after I clicked on the split line to merge both sections together. Please help!!!

Which Audacity?


If you haven’t already done so, see if just upgrading to 3.0.4 will fix your problem.

In the case of projects that are already excessively slow, AudacityRescue (see https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/3-0-3-experiencing-extreme-slowdown-and-is-not-responding/62439/18 ) can be run to remove excess baggage and 3.0.4 can be used to keep them from coming back.

Unfortunately, you currently need a Windows machine to run AudacityRescue. If you do not have one available, zip up your project and upload it to a file sharing service. Post a link, or PM it to me. I’ll look at it.