3.0.3 experiencing extreme slowdown and is Not Responding

Please read this post: 3.0.3 experiencing extreme slowdown and is Not Responding - #18 by jademan

While Audacity is running slow, open task manager and try spot if some other process or background app is eating CPU cycles. Try and shut down all non-essential running programs.

I’m having a similar issue with an AUP3 file. Tasks as simple as solo-ing a track take upwards of 20 seconds.

I’ve only used like 10-16 control points maybe? I have 7 tracks on an 18 min project. Forget about opening, closing and saving… it’s unusable.

Will the Audacity Rescue program clean this up?

The literally millions of control points were inadvertently injected into projects due to a program bug.

Audacity Rescue will load projects that are not loadable by 3.0.3 or 3.0.4, if the problem is due to excessive envelope control points.

We won’t know about your project unless you try it and get back to us.

When you say loadable, do you mean that audacity will perform at normal speeds?

I am currently on version 3.0.4. I’ll download the rescue pack and see if it fixes anything.

What I was trying to point out was that I don’t use the envelope tool a lot. If the program adds its own envelope control points, then the millions of points slowing the processing down so much might make sense.

I’ll report back how it goes.

Oh and to be clear: I can load my project file, there are no error codes… it just takes a LONG time to come up.

audacity will perform at normal speeds?

No. The best we can do so far is make it less worse. This is a program bug that dates back to the fifteenth century. Most of the time patches and work-arounds are enough to keep productions going without a lot of fuss. Audacity-3 broke some of the patches and the problem can bring a show to its knees.

Jademan’s rescue program identifies most of the extra data and removes them from the show, but there can still be speed problems and nobody wrote you can’t make new damage since you’re still editing with the same program.

I don’t use the envelope tool a lot.

I questioned this earlier. I don’t think it’s an envelope tool error. The damage just shows up as a massive increase in what appears to be control points. Eventually, the machine runs out of “zot” (technical term) and slows to a crawl.

The up side is the bug is known. They’re not searching for a magic problem. The down side is fixing it without breaking anything else.


Well whatever they did helped! I can solo a track much much faster. I think what I’m going to do it render out each track individually and then reinstall the last stable version before 3.0.4. I may try 3.0.4 again just for kicks.

Thank you!

I’m glad to hear that this helped! :smiley:

There is no need to go through all of these gyrations.

No. 3.0.4 is the good and stable software, but it may not remove those extra points that were introduced erroneously by 3.0.3 and prior versions. You need to run Audacity Rescue only one time to get rid of the extra envelope points. Then stay with 3.0.4 to keep them out.

Please can someone help me retrieve my project :sob:

I just want it back so I can save to file and move on.

Audacity rescue isn’t working for me, this bug is driving me INSANE I have obsessed over this one SIMPLE task for 72 hours now, I just want to export to WAV and audacity can’t even do that anymore.

Please please PLEASE help me get my project back this was so special and important to me and I want it back!!

Please see: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-1-3-3-presonus-inspire-now-much-love/182/1