Small request would save me a ton of grief

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Small request would save me a ton of grief

Post by MikeTranch » Mon Feb 08, 2021 8:50 pm

First let me say Audacity is amazingly powerful! I actually use it mix a weekly 3 hour jam session, recorded on 10+ channels (using a Zoom L-20 and transferring files to computer later.) I've gotten pretty adept at it, but there's ONE MISTAKE I make from time to time that really bugs me! It's my own fault, but I need protection, from myself!

It's very easy to DELETE A TRACK with the mouse. I do it more times than I care to admit. Just click on that little X. Accidentally. And Not notice until much later. Arrrrrg!

I've used History to back up, restore the track, copy it to another window, then reapply all my changes, then copy and paste the track back into the project. Painful.

Could we please have either:

A) ability to lock a track against deletion, e.g. make the X box go away.


B) add a Warning in preferences: Warn before Deleting Tracks?

Either of these would save my bacon and I would be forever grateful. Thanks for considering it.