Multitrack on a Budget, TASCAM US-1800:

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Multitrack on a Budget, TASCAM US-1800:

Permanent link to this post Posted by Giermann » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:30 pm

tml wrote:To this end, I'm wondering if people who might have a multi-track recording setup would be willing to talk about their setups here, especially those who have managed to do so for between USD $200 and $500, elaborating on recording software (I'm guessing largely Audacity, but would welcome other suggestions), mixing board, OS, and sound hardware.

I was recently looking for a multi-track solution with a comparable budget.
I ended up with a TASCAM US-1800: 8 microphone inputs and additional 6 line inputs. I paid 310 Euros for it, but it should be available for less than 300 USD in the States...

I use it with a standard laptop running Win7 x64 - but I had to compile Audacity with ASIO support. Runs great so far!
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Re: Multitrack on a Budget, TASCAM US-1800:

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I understand you can get quite a number of multi-track devices to work after ASIO is added. Windows Sound Drivers are not the most talented. Koz
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