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Mack Caster
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Re: Open Core Audio

Post by Mack Caster » Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:28 pm

steve wrote:This is a broad statement. "any XLR mic", that does not specify a particular use case:
Mack Caster wrote:For $32.00 I can connect any XLR mic to my iPhone.
This is a specific use case:
Mack Caster wrote:no one with one day of experience would take a condenser mic into the field to record interviews
"Field recording" covers a lot of scenarios (, for example:

Mack Caster wrote:Now, are you the one who deleted my post in this forum looking for a narrator?
Your post was not deleted. It was moved by a moderator to the moderator's private board to ask for clarification on whether the post should be allowed or not.
It has been decided that the post will not be allowed because we do not allow commercial advertising on the forum, and your post has been deemed to be an advertisement for a commercial engagement.
Mack Caster wrote:could you please give me the link forbidding that type of post
We do not publish a list detailing what is not allowed on the forum. In my view it would be futile to attempt to do so, as even if we attempted to cover every possible thing that could be posted, there would inevitably be "loopholes" that were not explicitly stated.

It is extremely rare that any of our regular forum contributors make posts that are disallowed, but in such (rare) cases, the post would normally be referred by a moderator to the forum staff board, and if agreed that it should not be allowed, a PM would be sent to the person that posted, to explain why it had been removed. In this case I am explaining to you in this public topic, because you asked in this public topic.
Mack Caster wrote:I did not realize you could not make a comment on a different subject the OP posted themselves
As someone that has used this forum a lot, I would have thought that you would by now have realized that we prefer to try and stick with one subject per forum topic. If that was not clearly evident, I will state that here: We prefer to try to stick with one subject per forum topic.
Mack Caster wrote:without someone screaming "Off Topic"
Nobody "screamed" anything. Let's just review what I actually did write:
"We're drifting quite a long way from the original topic of "opening a CAF file", but out of interest, where's the 48v phantom power in that set-up?"

Mack Caster wrote:They are 100% correct and I have one in every glove box for every vehicle I own as well as my other residents and they work FANTASTIC!
They are also very expensive for what they are. I suppose that can be justified because:
1) This particular type of cable is quite hard to find "ready made".
2) They are targeted at Apple customers.
but nevertheless, $35+ for something that can be made up very easily by combining two $5 adapters is rather expensive (by comparison, a similar cable branded as "LyxPro" is available at about half the price of the "ProJive" version).

If this was a topic about passive XLR to 3.55mm splitters, then it would be appropriate to also mention the limitations of this configuration, such as it not working with phantom powered microphones (yes phantom powered microphones are frequently used for some types of "field recording"), gain being limited by the gain of the iPad / iPhone, it does not provide a balanced XLR input, ...
Mack Caster wrote:Maybe but I really don't see any curves at all going down this road.
In this post I have only responded to your comments, and not once have I mentioned the actual subject shown in the topic title. As I said before, that is not particularly important in this case because the original question was answered long ago.
Your boys in the pictures are recording nature sounds, not interviews. You also stated your were "Intrigued" if it could be done for $32.00. I gave you the link and your or someone else removed it. With all due respect, you sounded as if you were not aware this could be done. As far as "going down this road", that comment was for Koz as he used the word "meander" which refers to a bend in the road or river or as we say in the hills, "taking the long way to the barn".

I will make sure that I never get off topic again. It ain't worth the hassle. I truly just found the proper forum for my response to this post concerning recording and I will start making my post there concerning this type of issue. As far as my post being removed, I can understand your process and I will also never make that mistake again. It took less the 10 min for 12 people to respond to me via the ACX. Maybe after being vetted, the admins could add this type of forum to help the members they have helped reach the ACX requirements. Like I said, I have always supported the Mom and Pop Shops. Just a thought.

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Re: Open Core Audio

Post by kozikowski » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:06 pm

Any notes on resolving the CAF file problem? If not I'm going to lock the topic. We can talk about microphones in their own thread.