Noise Floor, and background music

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Re: Noise Floor, and background music

Permanent link to this post Posted by kozikowski » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:48 am

I hate myself when I get optimistic

Beware of things that change by themselves. Do you use the computer for anything else, particularly anything with its own sound services? Skype does not Play Well With Others to borrow a report-card phrase.

Do you let the computer do automatic updates? How full is the hard drive? That last one regularly burns the video people.

"I've been cranking out long form videos for a month and now, suddenly, for no reason, and out of the blue, with absolutely no warning, the computer is going wacko."

Hows 'bout we take about 200GB of video production off the machine, optimize the drive and try it again?

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Re: Noise Floor, and background music

Permanent link to this post Posted by Sir Weldalot » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:13 pm

I back up every session. My hard drives are 3/4 full..., there abouts. We record to Zoom H-5 at 24 bits .wav via a mixer... pretty much every early morn- when it s very quiet. Guess what we get in the early Friday mornings?...planes, and lots of them. Never noticed that before. She logs each part or paragraph as a p-# so I can copy the files from zoom using the log book is a guide. During her recording sessions she records the same part/paragraph several times. She scratches the flubs and makes new tracks. Gives her a chance to relax catch her breath etc. She circles the tracks she fells are the good ones, this way when I pull up the tracks in Sony Acid I know which track to start with and I layer the other tracks under the good track so if the good track has a minor flub on a word, I can take a better section from the tracks beneath and delete the bad section and paste in the better piece etc. For Instance Chapter 1 file would contain Chapter 1 Header, Chapter 1 P-1, Chapter 1 P-2 etc. Chapter 1 P-1 could have as little as 2 tracks or 5-7 tracks with some flub tracks in the folder that were scratched. That's a bit on how we are doing it so far in our new Audio Book adventure.
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