How to avoid sound discrepancies on a cardiode condenser?

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Re: How to avoid sound discrepancies on a cardiode condenser

Permanent link to this post Posted by Number400 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:46 pm

I have eliminated my sound variances with the AT2020usb. I am working on my mic technique and consistently addressing the mic directly. In the old position I was reading in, I had a tendency to angle my head slightly to read and that subtle rotation was part of the problem. The second change I made was to turn down the recording volume. This alone has improved my overall sound quality and reduced my treatments to just LF Rolloff, default declicker, set RMS to -22 to pass the wonderful acx check plug-in. I don't need it to pass but I also run the 6,6,6 noise reduction as I like a little more silence. It does not change the "me sounding like me" to amplify a bit. My recording quality and voice really changed when going the other way and trying to get the hum and background noise quieted. I was focused for awhile on trying to hit all of the requirements with no processing but I am not one of the lucky ones who can pull that off. Now, with my level at 70, I can comfortably speak naturally and the mic is way less sensitive to all noises and I have a better product overall. I was so close to getting a new mic and interface but am sticking with this mic for now. If I ever decide to break out of romance books in MP3, I may have to change my equipment but for now I am in my groove.

Thanks for reading, I just wanted to post a follow-up.
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Re: How to avoid sound discrepancies on a cardiode condenser

Permanent link to this post Posted by kozikowski » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:00 am

I just wanted to post a follow-up.

That's a good thing. Some posters get everything working and we never hear from them again so we don't know what worked and what didn't.

There's just nothing like starting with a quiet room. That's one major headache you don't have to worry about. Everything else is just fine-tuning your technique and correction suite.

Noise Reduction of The Beast (6,6,6) is very important for its ability to gently reduce already quiet background noise, and more importantly, ACX can't find it. In extreme, you can go up to 12,6,6, but if you listen very closely, you can hear it working. 9,6,6 may be the upper limit. There's a standing joke that if you Require noise reduction, it's already too late.

I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I wrote a correction suite that can hit ACX with remarkable consistency and a minimum of different tools. ... ering.html

It reads a bit like a massive instruction book for your car, but that's because two of the three tools are custom and take downloading and installing. Also, Steve wrote two of the tools, one of which we never had before, so everything is new and strange.

But after you get everything set and running, the suite can work wonders. That's the joke about the four volume set "How to ride a bicycle." Once you get it working.....

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