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Re: Before I begin narration

Post by kozikowski » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:21 pm

Rode NT-USB and MacBook Air
MBAs do have a fan. I thought for a long time my Air didn't and then one day I overloaded FireFox. More open tabs than one person aught to have.

The machine started to get warm and the tiny fan went on. .....eeeeeEEEEEEE.

I would not be good for that to happen in the middle of a paid reading, so it's recommended to close all other applications and disconnect the network and/or shut down the WiFi when you read.

If you've been reading the forum posts, you know stuttering, crackling and popping readings are common with live readings. Unless proven wrong, those errors are caused by the computer doing something else while it's recording the work.

Live readings don't wait. There's no such thing as "Hold on a minute while I process this spreadsheet or update Skype." Each word follows the next and the computer has to be there for all of them.

Clean slate is good.


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Re: Before I begin narration

Post by Jeanry » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:15 pm

Thanks again.

If my wiring had caused a noise, I suppose the candles could work as an alternate light source, though a potential fire hazard. :lol:

The additional tips are appreciated. I have been turning off wi-fi while recording, and I am watching for the fan noise in the MacBook Air - happily it is rare, as Koz said. I will follow the mastering suite steps on a fresh copy.

I did find info on how to submit a test to ACX, and I followed their steps and got a nice automated email back saying that I would have results in 5-10 days. I will post in a new thread about the whole process once I see what they send me.


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