Auto import after editing .aup project file

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Auto import after editing .aup project file

Post by kakyoism » Thu May 24, 2018 8:44 pm

I'm wondering whether my idea could work or not.

I'm experimenting with the idea of editing .aup directly to write the entire wavetrack XML node, so that:

- when opening the project, the wave file will be automatically imported
- by leaving attributes such as numsamples empty, all the metadata will be filled in when opening the project without XML dtd complaints.

So far I have no luck by adding a block

<wavetrack channel="2" colorindex="0" gain="1.0" height="150" isSelected="1" linked="0" minimized="0" mute="0" name="hellomusic_loop" pan="0.0" rate="" solo="0">
<waveclip colorindex="0" offset="0.3651654038712494">
<sequence maxsamples="" numsamples="" sampleformat="">
<waveblock start="0">
<pcmaliasblockfile aliaschannel="0" aliasfile="/path/to/my.wav" aliaslen="" aliasstart="0" max="" min="" rms="" summaryfile="" />
<envelope numpoints="2"><controlpoint t="0.13483459612875062" val="0.0" /><controlpoint t="0.13483459612875062" val="1.0" /></envelope></waveclip>

This unfortunately gives me an empty mono audio track.
Will my idea work?

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