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Post by pennyroyaltea94 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:44 am

LOL , Okay I'll just get that Big XRL Mono TIP.

and then STOP HOARDING PLUGS. :lol:

Posts: 61
Joined: Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:36 pm
Operating System: Windows 10


Post by pennyroyaltea94 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:24 pm

kozikowski wrote:I can't tell. There's too many connectors and adapters.

As if it wasn't bad enough, if you throw enough connectors and adapters in there, the chances of having a bad, hummy or ratty connection go way up. You've met this. This is when your sound is a little buzzy and it goes away instantly when you touch or wiggle the plug. And then next Wednesday it comes back.

The home style plugs have the metal surfaces right out where you can touch them and get your finger oils all over everything. The Pro/Broadcast XLR connectors have the gold or silver pins buried inside the metal shell where they're hard to get to. That's not an accident.

We're not cancelling out the ground.
Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 4.05.53 PM.png

The XLR connection has your voice between pins two and three. Full Stop. There's a shield (that's the metal braid around the cable) and that's on pin one, but it has nothing to do with the sound.

The pins are usually labeled inside. Take a strong light to the connector and you can see them.

Scene shifts forward to the 1/4" plug. The voice is between the tip and ground.
Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 4.10.03 PM.png
Suddenly the ground is part of the show and really important. There are expensive, fancy ways to adapt between those two systems, but the home user can usually make do by jamming both XLR pin 1 and XLR pin 3 into 1/4" ground. XLR pin 2 goes to the tip.

Get there any way you want and use the fewest connections and adapters.

This isn't rocket surgery as long as you know what the rules are.

I bet you're wondering why everybody doesn't do it this way.

Scene shifts to a live concert. The performer microphones are on stage, but the show mixer could be half-way up the audience or in a mix truck at the loading dock a hundred feet away. That only works when there's a perfect XLR at both ends of the cable. No adapters. Zero.

So you can take the XLR apart and see where the cable colors are soldered. Take the 1/4" apart, trim the damaged wire and follow that recipe.

Don't tell anybody else how to do this. If they find out, they'll stop buying me beer.

Hey I got that TIP , OMG Yes not a single ONCE of BUZZ or HIZZ.

THANK YOU , You are the best .

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