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Re: Vocal Isolation

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Posted by K0C
Dave666 (the original poster) has not visited this forum since February, so I doubt that he will see your well wishes.
The post date is shown near the top left of each post.

I wrote that knowing that there would be quite a few others struggling with a similar problem and reading here.
To be honest my reply was for ANYONE and not just Dave666 attempting to remove the vocals from musical tracks.

Vocal Removal

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Posted by rameezrk
Hai I want to create a karoke of the particular song which link is given below.There are two voices in the is a women voice and other is a child voice.i am able to remove the women voice.but not able to remove the kids voice.please help me in this.the link which is given below is the song where women voice is removed.please help me in removing kids voice also . ... sp=sharing