Is A Computer Inaccurate for Music Editing?

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Re: Is A Computer Inaccurate for Music Editing?

Permanent link to this post Posted by Black Dog Bluez » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:13 pm

I think I'm going to keep the UCA222 anyway as it seems to be a better, more accurate sound transmission comparatively ... so far ... anyway ... even with the clicks. Thanks Steve.

Here's my latest 'hit' (top): ... tent=music

I used the UCA222 for the whole edit. The only loss or change seems to be the/or may be the transfer from listening in Audacity project to a low bit export/and then the online delivery - which I've tried to adhere per this sites guidelines - 128k mp3 ( - and guessing if one paid they could upload wave to which the player would negotiate better? Or the player would be 'upgraded' allowing higher bit delivery??

These sites don't seem to reveal much of these technical details though. So I'll assume - because it seems like the nicer pages are not free and the sound quality so much better - that 128k is the free kbps played (and only higher when you pay/and or sell). I'd like to find a site that plays higher - for free - but ha[!], like I said, try getting that information in a basic search when examining any of these sites (even at their "help" or "support" etc., if they even have any).

The irony is no one's buying music anymore - especially online - when they can listen for free[!] - and the irony of that is no one seems to care about the quality - let alone can even perceive what that means...quality (or cares, or knows, that they're being wi-fi and cell-phone radiated all the time with a lot of these new devices dependent on 'connectivity', or just being on!). I could go on.. how the music is now more a mind programming vehicle (weapon) than music.

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