Bizarre delays and slow recording and playback.

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Bizarre delays and slow recording and playback.

Permanent link to this post Posted by Emerogork » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:22 pm

What could be clogging my system?

This is a computer that is effectively dedicated to this project and as I continue use this project, it is getting slower and slower. I wonder if a complete reformat of the disk drive is in order but hope it will not come to that.

On Saturdays, I record 15 hours of audio and again on Sunday and have been doing this for quite some time (years). I listen to the recordings during the week and then delete them. I have an incredible of disk space available. (532 GB free out of 915GB) The temp folder, according to preferences/directories is empty.

The longer I record, the slower the response. I don;t recall this happening at first but have been tolerating it lately. Now it is annoying. When I stop recording and save the track, it could take 30 - 40 minutes to complete the save. It is now slow just to change positions in the track.

Today, I have a 1 hour recording and it is very slow in response. As it is recording, the image stalls for minutes at a time then suddenly shows the wave form of what was being recorded during the stall. No audio is lost, it is just stops being displayed.

When I first started this project, none of these problems existed.
Does any of this point to any fix?
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