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about the Click Track

Post by janelee » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:01 am

in the new release,Audacity 2.
i find the track of "tick" was changed. now the length of per measure is 10ms ,but the old release is 1ms. e.g. 1.3.14
(generate==>Click Track==> click sound : “tick” the same as “ping” .)
i want to know why.what's happened.

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Re: about the Click Track

Post by billw58 » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:35 pm

I just checked 1.3.14 versus 2.0.0 and the default settings in Click Track have not changed.

-- Bill

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Re: about the Click Track

Post by steve » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:25 am

billw58 wrote:I just checked 1.3.14 versus 2.0.0 and the default settings in Click Track have not changed.
janelee is referring to the "tick" option in the "Click Sound:" setting.

@janelee, sorry if you preferred the old tick sound, but the only reason that it was the way that is was in previous Audacity versions was due to a bug in the click track code.

There was a typing error in the function that generated the "tick" sound that caused the tick to be a positive going pulse rather than the intended "tick" sound.
Line 226 was written as:

Code: Select all

(stretch 1
when it should have been:

Code: Select all

(stretch-abs 1
(as described in the comment in line 223).

This bug along with a couple of other bugs in the Click Track generator has been corrected in Audacity 2.x.

If you particularly want the old style "tick" you can reintroduce the old bug by opening the file clicktrack.ny in a text editor (such as NotePad or Notepad++) and change line 132 from:

Code: Select all

      (stretch-abs 1

Code: Select all

      (stretch 1
To help you find that line, here it is in context:

Code: Select all

;Function to generate drip sound clicks
;code by Paul Beach www.proviewlandscape.com/liss/
;stretch-abs function makes this sound more like 'tick' sounds.
;limit hz to nyquist frequency.
(defun drip (p) ;p is pitch in hz
  (let* ((maxhz (/ *sound-srate* 2.1))
        (hz1 (min maxhz (* 2.40483  p)))
        (hz2 (min maxhz (* 5.52008  p)))
        (hz3 (min maxhz (* 8.653  p)))
        (hz4 (min maxhz (* 11.8  p))))
      (stretch-abs 1
        (mult (exp-dec 0 0.015 0.25) 
            (mult (hzosc hz1) 0.5)
            (mult (hzosc hz2)  0.25)
            (mult (hzosc hz3)  0.125)
            (mult (hzosc hz4)  0.0625))))
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