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How to attach files to forum posts

Post by steve » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:06 pm

The forum software allows small files in certain formats to be attached to posts.
The maximum file size for uploading to the forum is 2 MB.
A maximum of 3 files may be attached to a forum post.

How to add your file to your post.
Supported file types (see below for recommended file types) may be attached to forum posts by using the "Upload attachment" feature.
  • Look below the message composing box and click on the "Upload attachment" tab.
  • Click on the "Browse" button, locate and select the file that you wish to upload.
  • Click on the "Open" button.
  • Click on the "Add the File" button.
  • (optional) add a file comment in the box provided.
  • By default the file will appear as a link near the bottom of your post when you submit the post. Optionally you can make the file attachment appear on a specific line in your post. To do this, click the "Place inline" button. This will create a link to the file at the current cursor position in the message box.
Recommended file types:

For diagnostic purposes, audio files should be in a lossless format.
Recommended formats: WAV or FLAC. AIFF may also be used if necessary.
At 44100 Hz, the maximum duration for a stereo recording will be about 6 seconds.

Longer audio samples may be uploaded in AC3, MP3, MP4 or OGG format, but please note that these may be of limited use for diagnostic purposes due to the reduced sound quality of these formats. The file size limit is 1 MB.

Audacity Projects
Audacity Projects are typically too large to upload to the forum. Please note that the .AUP file is NOT a complete project and is not playable by anyone else.
See here for more information about Audacity Projects: ... jects.html

If you have a problem or question concerning a particular .AUP file, the .AUP file may be uploaded directly to the forum. For uploading a complete Audacity project, please see the "Big Files" section below.

audacity.cfg settings file
See here for how to find audacity.cfg. Please rename this file to "audacity.txt" (without quotes) before attaching.

Recommended file types are .GIF, .JPG, ,JPEG and .PNG.
When an image file has been added as an attachment, it may be inserted into the message at the cursor position (in the message edit box) by clicking the "Place inline" button.

Text files
Plain text files with a .TXT file extension may be uploaded. This is useful if you need to preserve the text formatting.

Nyquist Plug-ins
Nyquist plug-ins should have a lower case .ny file extension.
Lisp files with .LSP file extensions are also permitted.

Other file types
Some other file types are also allowed. If you need to upload a file type that is not currently supported, please post on the forum HERE and ask for it to be supported.

Uploading Big Files
Files larger than 1 MB cannot be uploaded direct to the forum, however you can use a free file sharing service and post a link to the file. For example: (free trial)
Please take care when uploading or downloading from file sharing sites. "Free" sites are often supported by adverts that may try to trick you into downloading, registering or purchasing something that you don't want. All users are especially asked to take care when downloading any files from the internet so as to avoid malware. Windows users should ensure that their antivirus program is enabled and up-to-date.
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