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How to post a reply on this forum

Post by steve » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:20 am

To reply to a post, click the "Post Reply" button near the top left corner of the final post in the topic.
If there is a button that says "Locked", then it is not possible to post a reply in that topic
(though you may start a new topic).
Please do not use the "quotation mark" button near the top right of the post as this will copy the entire post into your reply, which makes topics tedious to read.

Posting a reply the right way:
  • So that it's easier for others to read your posts, when you want to reply, click the "Post Reply" button.
  • It is often useful to include brief quotations from the post that you are replying to, but you only need to quote enough text from previous posts as is necessary to give context to your reply.
  • When you wish to quote a bit of text from a previous post (after you have clicked the "Reply" button), scroll to the post that you wish to quote, and select the relevant text.
  • Then click the "quote" button that is in the top right corner of that post.
  • The selected text will then be automatically copied into your post at the cursor position.
  • The quoted text will look like this:
    • [quote=user-name post_id=123456 time=1561527097 user_id=654321]
      This text was automatically copied from the selection
  • and when posted, will appear like this:
    • user-name wrote:
      Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:31 am
      This text was automatically copied from the selection
Most forums work in the same way, so it's worth learning the tricks and techniques ;)
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