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Re: -20db or best signal

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:10 pm
by Jebbers
Yeah, I remember tuba amps. I used to play my Strat or Les Paul through a pre-CBS Fender Twin Reverb. But that was ages ago. I just want to experiment with distortion without ligging all the equipment with me. I'm traveling with a little yamaha GL1 acoustic. Doesn't have much output, but I can make decent sketches of songs. And with audacity I can make it sound electric by adding reverb, tremelo, echo and also get synth sounds simply by transposing the guitar. It sounds like asynth then. I'm using it to generate bass tracks too using change pitch. I don't care too much about studio quality. I just want to be able to make some music wiith whatever I have at hand. my drum kit is a palying card tapped an the mic guard (to get a bass drum,) writing pens tapped on water glasses, hand drumming on the table or on an upturned drawer from the dresser.

I've been able to manage clipping by turn my twin mic slightly so as to catch the sound waves at different angles. This works great especially with -06 setting. I can select whatever of the four channels is least problematic. At this moment I have two channel vocal performance I'm editing. There are all kinds of pops, hissing and nuclear explosions. But it usually can be fixed with 100hz rumble or telephone in Filter Curve. If not, then one of the channels has less noise and I copy and paste the better parts from one channel to the other. I'm managing.

So I think the best option for me is to learn the basics of the Distortion Effect. I've got a long way to go learning the basic, then I see that there are fine tunings for all of these effects. I'm now getting a finer sensitivity to appying the Filter Curves. Just telephoning precisely where the noise occurs.