Lost audio end part when converting from Mono to Stereo

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Re: Lost audio end part when converting from Mono to Stereo

Post by nckhrs » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:05 pm

nckhrs wrote:
DVDdoug wrote: P.S
I didn't read carefully before and I'm confused about something
A stereo WAV file with one silent channel is the same size as if there is sound in both channels. In WAV file, silence takes-up just as much space as non-silence. (A regular 1-channel mono file is half the size.) So... Something else was changed... Maybe you increased the bit-depth?
Ok, here is what I found.
Original file size is 3GB, and yes, you're right, the silence right track takes space.
I found it by converting it to Mono, and the file size dropped to 1.7 GB.

So, regarding why when I copy pasted left to right and it became twice bigger (6GB), I still don't know.

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