Soundblaster use

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Soundblaster use

Post by phil38 » Fri May 14, 2021 1:55 am

Use windows 10 and audacity 3.0.0 Trying to record audio using audacity...originally used Soundblaster x-fi go! pro with no problem (model 1290, apparently no longer supported [although support still tried to help])...did some sort of reset and tried re-loading soundblaster CD (that came with original unit), but it only loads to 13%. Worked before with same computer
Downloaded new driver from website (may be for newer unit) Finally loaded OK, but audacity screen mic info is blank (used to show soundblaster, I think)
If go thru regular Computer Mic input, get low volume and too much fuzz (mic input on audacity reads Hi Def microphone). Poor audio quality was, I think, the reason I originally got soundblaster.
Spent a several hours chatting with soundblaster support...Mike finally gave up and passed me to a higher tier.
I'm hoping somebody at Audacity has a solution. Thx

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Re: Soundblaster use

Post by DVDdoug » Fri May 14, 2021 2:11 am

I'm surprised because most "consumer" USB audio devices are "class compliant" which means they work with the standard Microsoft-supplied drivers.

What are you recording? You might try a USB microphone (or USB headset). There are some very good USB "podcast mics" or for nearly professional quality you can get a USB audio interface and a studio condenser mic.

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