Very interrupting, annoying ticking/popping sound.

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Very interrupting, annoying ticking/popping sound.

Post by S15 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:47 pm

Hello Audacity,

Since two days ago i can't make songs anymore with Audacity, everytime i record these incredebly irritating ticks/pops join in. When i record i hear it just random here and there, and when i listen the recording back here and there, sometimes alot sometimes like just a couple times randomly over the audio.

I use Windows 10 and i use Audacity version 2.4.2, two days ago also my laptop updated, so it had to restart etcetera and was updating for a half til 2 hours, i believe then after it was updated when i used Audacity to continue with my music it started i had these annoying pops and sometimes even the whole audio, including the beat just sounds terrible out of nowhere for a couple seconds. It is very frustrating because its keeping me from making music what i am doing nowadays everyday because i want to do music for a living in the future but like this im not making progress. So i really hope you can help me.

Also i test recorded on other music programms aswell but there was no problem with the sound, no popping, ticking or that the audio suddenly sounded very bad, i just don't understand how other music programms work and i really find audacity comfortable so thats why i only use Audacity and i really rely on it, this just is very negative for me and i have tried to find ways to find out the problem but i haven't had any success.

For example i have reinstalled audacity and made sure the preferences were reset aswell and i have looked if the problem is my microphone but thats not it and i have uninstalled the realtek audio programm to see if that was the problem because it was updated i saw after the laptop was updated, but that wasnt the problem, the popping even got worse it seems, dont know if thats because of i deleted the realtek programm, but dont think so because my in and output is my microphone so i dont think the realtek audio has anything to do with recording etcetera.

So i hope you are able to help me so i can continue working on my music again soon.



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