I am a new member of the forum, I need help from everyone

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Re: I am a new member of the forum, I need help from everyon

Post by steve » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:01 am

michaeltoan0162 wrote:I earn money from those recordings so I really need your help and I appreciate every answer.
For professional work, there is no substitute for a quiet and substantially echo free space for recording. There's good reason why professionals still use recording studios.

For amateur work, you may be able to achieve good enough results using a directional external microphone rather than the smartphone's built-in microphone, and/or applying lots of small edits to cut out the worst bits. Filtering and other noise removal effects are likely to fail because car horns produce a lot of harmonics across the vocal frequency range, so such approaches will cause a lot of damage to the sound quality of the voice.
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Re: I am a new member of the forum, I need help from everyon

Post by kozikowski » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:27 am

how about removing beeps?
The short answer is no. Noise reduction doesn't work with sounds that are moving or changing. It's the same reason we can't remove a TV running in the background.

Given you can't change the microphone, you may be able to create a "studio."

One poster had a similar problem and created a sound room with cheap plastic pipes and blankets.



I use furniture moving blankets and a wood frame.



One poster did audiobook work inside a closet with a personal recorder and a quilt.


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