New plug-in: Tone Generator

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Re: New plug-in: Tone Generator

Permanent link to this post Posted by edgar-rft » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:07 am

Irish wrote:The Debug window appears every time the plug-in is run, irrespective of whether Debug is clicked or not. Is this intentional?

stevethefiddle wrote:No, not intentional, I think that may be a new bug in Audacity.

Yes, it'a bug in the Audacity Nyquist interface (at least in Audacity_1.3.13-alpha). It doesn't only appear with the "Tone Generator" but with all Nyquist plugins (generate, effect, analyze).

In the file "src/effects/nyquist/Nyquist.cpp" [same file as usual] at the end of the function "Process()" around line 610, you'll find the following code fragment:

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   //mDebug = false;    // <- uncomment this line

   return success;
}                       // <- end of function Process()

Remove the "//" before "mDebug = false;" and make the code look like this:

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   mDebug = false;

   return success;

Then re-compile Audacity. Now the debug window only appears if you press "Debug", and not with "OK" any longer. I still haven't tested if this has unwanted side-effects with the ";debugflags" plugin header line or the Nyquist Workbench.

I first will search for the unicode filename problems later on before I send a patch to the Audacity developers list.

- edgar
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Re: New plug-in: Tone Generator

Permanent link to this post Posted by steve » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:16 pm

Minor update to the plug-in. Mostly correcting typos in the help screens but also some bug fixes in the error checking code. No functional changes.

Updated description in the original post to indicate that it is more likely to be of interest to people that are interested in experimenting with Nyquist rather than for general production work.

edgar-rft wrote:Yes, it'a bug in the Audacity Nyquist interface (at least in Audacity_1.3.13-alpha

Rather late for me to comment, but this bug is now fixed (fixed a long time ago).
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