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Find peak

Post by steve » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:50 pm

While it is easy to find the peak level of a selection by opening the Amplify effect and looking at the default "Amplification (dB)" setting, it is sometimes useful to know where the peak occurs. This plug-in provides this functionality by adding a label to indicate the position of the highest peak, with text indicating the peak level.

To enable the plug-in to run quickly on very long tracks, by default, it analyzes the selection in blocks, and creates a region label that is the length of the block (default 10 ms). The maximum peak will lie within the labeled region.

For short selections, the label length may be set to zero, in which case the plug-in analyzes each sample individually, and places a point label at the position of the maximum peak.

Caution: Setting the label length to zero with selections more than a few minutes duration, may be rather slow.

  • Label length (smaller = slower): [0 to 100 ms, default 10 ms] The length of the region label. Longer labels allow the selection to be processed in larger blocks, resulting in faster processing, but less precision. The default of 10 ms is a good choice in most cases.
  • dB decimal places: [0 to 10, default 3] The number of decimal places printed in the label.
  • Label prefix: [Choice: None, Track Number, Track Name, or Number + Name. Default="None"]
  • Label suffix: [Choice: None, "dB". Default="dB"]
If multiple tracks are selected, the plug-in creates one label for each selected track.
If the selected track is stereo, the plug-in creates one label for the highest peak in either channel.

This is an "Analyze" type plug-in, and when installed, appears in the "Analyze" menu as "Find Peak..."
Audacity 2.3.2 or later is recommended.

The plug-in is installed and enabled in the usual way: ... l#plug-ins
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Re: Find peak

Post by SebiTNT » Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:31 pm

I just wanted to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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