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Felipe Zanabria
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Re: Band compresor

Post by Felipe Zanabria » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:26 pm

Ok, I do it
This effect can be used to compress a voice section, where some frequency band exits the level.
If equalization is applied, energy can be lost in the non-problematic parts.
This can also be applied to drum, bass or guitar toms.
It has the following controls:

Listen: Allows you to listen to the effect applied to the sound (normal), compressed band, (allows you to listen to how the compressor is acting in the chosen frequency band) and parts removed, (it allows you to hear only the parts of the signal that are compressed, which will not be compressed will be silent), the default is normal.
Center frequency: 60 to 8000 Hz, the default value is 220, sets the frequency of the band to be compressed.

Treshold: 0 to -48 db, default -15, sets the threshold to capture the peaks in the frequency band. Everything that is above the threshold will be compressed.
Mute Level: 0 to -10 dB, default -3, allows you to adjust how much the signal will be attenuated when it is above the threshold.
Look ahead: 0 to 100 ms, default 50, allows you to adjust how fast the frequency band dims when it crushes the threshold.
Release: 20 to 500 ms, default 250, sets how fast the band returns to the normal volume when it is below the threshold.
Usage tip: If you have more than one frequency band that is causing problems, apply the effect with different frequency band settings, treshold and mute level.

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