Tascam 16x08... or 4x4 & 2x2 (multi-source)

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Re: Tascam 16x08... or 4x4 & 2x2 (multi-source)

Permanent link to this post Posted by kozikowski » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:07 am

The pictures show other tricks. That book/towel thing is how to avoid picking up floor and building vibrations in your microphone. You need both. The towel provides sloppy isolation from the desk and the book provides a high inertia, heavy base. Between them you get almost total isolation.

The gold conference room microphone is heavy and sitting in a rubbery vibration mount. So that's the heavy and sloppy. This is the mount with a different microphone. You can just see the black "rubber bands" in there.


I made one out of hardware store parts.


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Re: Tascam 16x08... or 4x4 & 2x2 (multi-source)

Permanent link to this post Posted by gunnar-quad » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:06 am

How did it go with the Tascam multi channel unit and Audacity ?
Can it record over USB to multiple discrete channels in Audacity ?

I am looking at recording 4-channel from ancient 4 channel reel to reel tape recorders
and exporting to 4-channel Wav or WMA.
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