Possible improvement to Generate click track

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Re: Possible improvement to Generate click track

Post by Robert J. H. » Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:51 pm

steve wrote:
rossmcm wrote:I'm not sure that you can ever make it "just as usable"
I think we make a pretty good attempt. There are not many things in Audacity that can't be done entirely from a keyboard, though yes there will always be some things that are less easy without a mouse or other pointing device.
The new scrubbing feature will probably be such a case.
As to the label context:
The keyboard workaround is probably:
- Select label track (alone)
- tab to the label (+ enter eventually)
- Choose the approbriate action from the edit menu, e.g. delete.

About the cursor:

It's essentially a synchronization question of the Audacity cursor and the system caret.
The latter should take the value of the former.
I can't say adhoc which WXWidget (accessibility) functions should be used to that end.


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