Add ability to use midi synthesizer vst.

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Add ability to use midi synthesizer vst.

Post by Lassar » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:03 pm

How about adding the ability to use midi synthesizer vst plugins?

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Re: Add ability to use midi synthesizer vst.

Post by kozikowski » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:52 am

What do you want the plugin to do? For example, if you tried to get Audacity to record your MIDI keyboard or controller, the MIDI data would have to go into Audacity, get converted to sound, play in Audacity, turn around and then come back in again to be recorded. A cousin to recording streaming audio.

And if you got all that to work, somebody's going to want to overdub and there's no way to get rid of the multi-pass delays.

No simple task, this.


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