8-bit PCM

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Piotr Grochowski
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8-bit PCM

Post by Piotr Grochowski » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:56 pm

Most people love low quality. Please allow using low quality intermediate processing, instead of having only 16-bit PCM, 24-bit PCM, and confusingly, 32-bit float for intermediate processing. You missed 32-bit PCM (what you thought would be the future entirely), 8-bit PCM, 8-bit u-law and 16-bit float. If you tell me to use another program, you are being selfish, and lazy, as no program has the features of Audacity.

And no, even if I could do 8-bit quality in one click, it still isn't a solution. A single effect or even draw will ruin it.

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