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A new EQ that use the spectrum data to setup the pitches automaticly means when i open EQ effekt i can calc the graf of eq automaticly from using the analising the file spectrums so i have then a autosettet eq for the existing frequenzes to be able to setup as they are realy existing in the file himselve and i can filter adapting the real exising part of the spectrum or import the spectrum as a background in other collors on left and right chanel and then in the pitch eq version set up the eq settings of frequenz splits 1/10hz - nhz

this helps to valutate the sound or the hz in the sound itsevle for using in understanding souns and analyse them as easy as possible..
its cobine the spectrum analysing and the eq funktion in one new funktion..
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Re: SpectrumEQ

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Real-time equalizer with real-time spectrogram is available for Audacity users on Windows via this free plugin ...

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