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Building and customizing Audacity from the source code.
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Re: Building a Help project

Post by Edgar » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:01 pm

Some of you might recall, a few years back, I wrote a very detailed "Getting Started Compiling Audacity" guide and hosted it on The Hometown Band's website. The band moved to a different provider when I retired and the guide is no longer available. It's now a bit out of date because it deals with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Audacity 2.0 and using SVN from Audacity's old site (not GIT). I still have the whole thing available on my hard drive if anyone is interested.
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Re: Building a Help project

Post by Gale Andrews » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:17 pm

cmjone wrote:I do not expect the my instructions would go to audacity/win/compile.txt. Perhaps it is best to post it elsewhere. If the users do not have some experience, it is better to have the step by step instructions. If you want to, I can email my instructions to you to review once I finish to decide what to do next. At this point, I just supplement what I think it should be included. I am not re-writing everything. What do you think?
I think you should put it on our Wiki as a page "under construction". Then Steve, Ed and everyone else can see it and collaboratively edit it, if you agree to them doing that.

It is very likely we'll move the outdated Cygwin instructions out of compile.txt into some kind of additional page on our Wiki.

The problem with detailed or optional pages on Wiki is that someone needs to commit to maintaining them (keeping them updated).
cmjone wrote:I saw the files in both places, in the win/release/help and audacity/help.

I did try it the way you suggested. During the Inno compilation, it said the manual was not there. I then downloaded a copy of the manual and placed it in the help folder. Then I re-compiled with Inno. I got the final product in the output folder. It was installed uneventfully. After I opened up the application, the manual was there.
Well, in win\audacity.iss we have

Code: Select all

Source: "..\help\manual\*"; DestDir: "{app}\help\manual\"; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs
so if you ran audacity.iss from the win directory then Inno should have found the help\manual folder.

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Re: Building a Help project

Post by cmjone » Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:38 pm

Several years ago, I used Edgar's instructions to compile Audacity. Definitely, it is outdated now. However, I still have a copy of it.

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