ASIO SDK... now what?

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ASIO SDK... now what?

Post by allancady » Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:27 pm

I obtained the Steinberg ASIO SDK, and followed the directions in compile.txt for setting the environment variable. When I compile and run Audacity, I see no evidence that ASIO is available. I don't see the ASIO interface for my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra in the list of input devices.

I'm very much a newbie here with Audacity... can someone suggest how I can tell if I've successfully installed and configured the ASIO components, and if it's not there, how I can proceed to troubleshoot? I don't understand how Audacity uses the ASIO driver.

I'm compiling and running Audacity 1.3.6 Beta on Windows XP SP3, using Visual Studio 2008 Professional

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