export -> metadata window not visible

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export -> metadata window not visible

Post by Arjan » Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:36 pm

Hi all,

At my work I use mostly use a multiple screen configuration. Sometimes I use the secondary monitor for other stuff, so I switch between multiple and single screen setup. I've encountered this problem on a windows based machine.

The problem I encountered was that the metadata popup window opened on its last known location. Problem was, the location was placed on my secondary monitor, even though I was working on a single monitor setup at that moment.

Given the fact that the popup box is a modal box, this meant that I could not do anything with audacity except killing the process via the taskmanager.
I had to re-attach the second monitor to be able to fix this problem, since removing the registry keys and reinstalling audacity did not fix this behaviour!

I'm not sure how you can fix this behaviour, but it can be quite a problem... Consider yourself using a laptop + temporary beamer, after the beamer is disconnected, it would mean you can no longer export anything using audacity!

Apart from this, I am really happy using Audacity, keep up the good work :)