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fast forward

Permanent link to this post Posted by timan42 » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:30 pm

I seem to have missed the simplest thing... how to fast forward. How to move around within a piece to locate and mark areas I want to use. I am editing family wire recordings made in the late 40's and 50's of my family and need to jump around, locate people and then group them for different family members. I keep looking for the fast forward handle. Thanks, Bill
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Re: fast forward

Permanent link to this post Posted by kozikowski » Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:50 am

<<<Wire recordings>>>

That even predates me, and I help set up the radio coverage of The Flood (they didn't have television yet).

<<<how to fast forward. >>>

Or backward. That's called scrubbing and only video editors tend to have that. Whenever you tell an audio designer what you want, they all give you a blank stare and ask you why you would want that. The other thing that video editors have is "I" (in) and "O" (out) keys.

We do have a very clumsy way to mark segments, but you'll laugh when I tell you how.

You can get to anyplace in your show immediately by clicking in the blue waveform and pressing the spacebar once. The selection will play from there forward and it will do it again and again. Click somewhere else and press spacebar. You will get really good at the magnify keys.

To collect several edit points, you must set labels. Project > Set Label At Selection, or just press Apple-B when you get to a beginning or end of a segment. Don't forget to set one label at the beginning of cut one. Everybody tends to forget that one.

Then, when you have all your segments marked, File > Export Multiple, and Audacity will export cut clips based on your labels.

Each clip can then be edited to clean them up and add fades beginning and end, etc. etc. and exported straight this time to the finished clip.

All this work should be done in as high a quality WAV files as you can. I use 48000-16 bit. Editing MP3 files creates progressive damage in the sound.

Use a really small audio performance to test until you get used to the tools. Nothing like struggling with a 90 minute recording while you try and remember where the Bessier tool is.

Oh, and you should probably know that Audacity "Save" does not produce a sound file, it produces an edit management cloud of files so you can easily change your mind later and recut the piece to pretty much whatever you want. The only way to get something nice to email to your mum is one of the Exports.

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