The question is, if I clicked on the plus horizontally (horizontal zooming), then a few more times on the plus, is it possible to return just one key, as it was, that is right after import, the whole track on one page? Ctrl+2 doesn’t return. That is, the imported track is the entire width of the page, as the default. And several times I clicked on the plus, the view changed, and in order to return the original, I need to remember how many times there was a plus - and so many times to push the minus. Can not be a single key?

“Ctrl + F”
See also: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/zooming.html

Thank you!

And is there a key that would immediately put as it were on the maximum plus, that is, “plus” can not be pressed more?

Yes there is now in 2.2.2 where we added the Zoom toggle button in the Edit Toolbar: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/new_features_in_this_release.html#zoom

But you will need to reset a preference to get one of the two toggles to be max zoom

Go to Edit > Preferences and choose the Tracks entry

In there you will see the Zoom Toggle with two drop-downs - I would suggest resetting the second of the two Preset2 - in its dropdown menu select MaxZoom and then press the OK button

You will then be able to use the Zoom Toggle to toggle between Normal zoom and Max zoom - and the Zoom Toggle does have a default shortcut assigned Shift+Z


Thank you! Even there is a button “Zoom toggle” in the top row, 2 magnifiers.