In all previous versions there was a line connecting points-samples (see picture). But, starting with some version the line is already missing, just points without a line, which makes work extremely difficult.That is, when the scale increases, pressing (+), with some pressing the line disappears. Please, correct.

Are you referring to the new “Stem Plot” rather that “Connect the dots” representation of audio samples?

Please note that alpha software and nightly builds are not intended for general “production” use, but for testing.
If you wish to test pre-release builds, you need to be aware that some new features may not yet be documented, or may not be complete. In this case the feature is complete and is documented in the alpha manual..

Yes it is. How do I get back to “Connect the dots”?

Read the instructions in the alpha manual. I gave you the link in my previous post.
If you can’t do that, please use the current release version which we provide technical support for.

Thank you. Now I’ll install and look.

Yes, now everything is fine, thank you! Although, in my opinion, by default, there should be “Connect the dots”.