Zooming to center is not ideal

Zooming to a selection works great. Selected area is centered as expected.

But when zooming around a single point, centering is not ideal, IMO. It would be great if there were a setting, from 0% to 100% of the waveform display. 50% would correspond to the current (hard coded) behavior, and would be the deault.

If I had this control preference, I’d probably set it to say 20%. So when I zoom to that point, it would then be 20% of the way across the display.

Why? Because I generally click to select where I want to start playing. The zoom in or out while playing. Whatever is to the left is not interesting. I want to see what’s playing and what is about to play/

BTW, I generally “unpin” the head (I think that’s the right term). I don’t want the display moving while I’m trying to listen and choose what the edit.

But this enhancement could be applied to the pinned head as well. In fact it could be the name of the preference: WHERE the head is. Not necessarily 50%.

Thanks for considering, please LMK if this isn’t clear.

Good idea. Note that due to the Track Control Panel, the center is always off to the right anyway. I wouldn’t even mind if were set to 35% and not made an option. :slight_smile:

Personally I find zooming to centre ideal because sometimes I’m interested in the audio just after the selected point, sometimes the audio just before, and very often the audio around the selected point.

+1 me too

We had long developer/QA discussions about this a while back before we settled on changing to this current behavior.