Zooming - Multiple Tracks

I have a song I am working on with 6 different tracks. Thinking it would help me do a certain edit, I selected the ‘View’ - ‘Fit Vertically’ option.

Worked very well for that moment to do the edit I needed to, however, I cannot figure out any way to zoom back in to where I can easily see one or two tracks at a time. I have tried every option there is in the view menu. Am I missing something?

Just move the cursor to the bottom of a track, you will see a little up/down arrow appear (indicating that you can move that boundary) click there and drag downwards.


If you have six or more tracks it is often more convenient to use View > Collapse All Tracks, then you can use View > Expand All Tracks to expand them again, each track expanding to its last unminimised height.

For example if you drag a track upwards after Expand All Tracks so as to make it less tall, then Collapse All Tracks and Expand All Tracks, the last Expand All Tracks will show that track in its less tall state.

Do you want to vote for vertical zoom buttons like we have zoom buttons for horizontal zoom? I think that is the best solution.


That’s what I do and I find it by far the most convenient method when there’s a lot of tracks in the project.
The default shortcuts are next to each other on the keyboard:
Collapse: Ctrl+Shift+C
Expand: Ctrl+Shift+X

Awesome - that worked like a charm. Thank you all so much. This is exactly what was searching and searching for. And thanks for the tips for future reference. I will put this into practice. Thank you thank you thank you!