Zooming in when there is a selection focuses on the middle

Zooming in when you have a selection moves the viewpoint towards the middle. It would be a lot more intuitive to zoom in closer to the middle of the current viewpoint. For example, if I line up the left endpoint of a selection in the middle of my window and zoom in, the left endpoint goes significantly further to the left, sometimes off the screen. It would be a lot easier if it zoomed in on the endpoint that I had focused on instead.

There’s about a million different Zoom options.

I use drag-select and zoom into the selection Control-E in Windows. Zoom out a bit Control-3 and Zoom out Full with Control-F. Those were the only three I used for years. If you’re on a Mac, sub “Command.”


I use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel. Occasionally the “Zoom to project” button.

CTRL + Mousewheel.

I had trouble with that. It wanders, and then I back out and it doesn’t come back straight. Pretty much the problem the poster has. Zoom to selection lets me define both edges. CTRL - 3 always backs out straight.


I don’t know whether it’s common to all Macs, but I find it virtually impossible to do this with a Magic Mouse. On the other hand, my $5 “Advent” wireless mouse on Windows or Linux, handles it with ease, and with practice it’s a very fast and efficient way to navigate (and Shift + Mouse Wheel to scroll).

ctrl-mouse-wheel seems to do what I want. Thanks! If there’s a keyboard shortcut for that, might be more convenient, but this will do.

I don’t know how magic it is. It’s a Logitech USB mouse jacked into the side of a wired keyboard.

It’s actually much more of a problem with a touch pad. After losing my edit region the third or fourth time, I gave up and went back to Drag > ^E.


I don’t know how anyone can use those things. For me, they are incredibly frustrating.