Zoom H5 - Mac Air 2017

Hello Audacity Peeps :slight_smile:

I have the H5 and have used it for over a year on several podcasts and other production needs, never had a problem. Great sound quality, especially when paired with a good mic. I decided to test the mic that comes with it, the one that goes on top, did not get the quality I needed, so I decided to go back to my podcast setup for a project I’m working on.

I cable in my Equitek E100S via line one as I have always done for my podcast on a t-stand, but when I push 1 on the H5 to tell it that where I’m recording (versus the top mic- which I removed), the screen goes blank. Battery power is fine. When I hit record, the screen says “No Channel - Record Ready.”

I’m not particularly technical but I had no problem setting up the mic for my podcast and getting great output. It seems that when I tested the top mic, every since then, I can’t get it to work, and I have a big project that I need to get out.

Your insights would greatly be appreciated, and thanks your for your time,
Bob Olmstead

That sounds like a hardware fault.

First thing I would try is using a different XLR cable. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps contact Zoom (main website here: https://www.zoom.co.jp)