YouTube -> phone?

I have a new phone that was supposed to be identical to the phone I had a couple of years ago. It isn’t. One difference: on my old phone, all I had to do was record from YouTube or similar sites, and could automatically use those tunes for ringtones.
This phone says QCP format not supported.
Not even knowing what that means, I read on a Wiki site that it could be converted with the Audacity .exe installer. Downloaded & installed it, but I have no idea what to do after that.

Any advice?

I imagine that you need to convert the tune to a format that is supported by your 'phone.
Probably best if you do some combination of the following:

  • Look in your 'phone manual for what ringtone formats are supported and how to get ringtones into your 'phone.
  • Search the Internet for instructions or videos for how to put ringtones onto your make/model of 'phone.
  • See if there is a user forum for your brand of 'phone and ask on there.

We can help you to use Audacity, but this forum is not the right place for advice about 'phones.

If you can transfer the file to your computer using the USB cable, then if you install FFmpeg, Audacity will be able to import the QCP file assuming it contains QCELP or EVRC format. Assuming your phone supports WAV, export from Audacity as WAV.

If you need to convert to MP3, install LAME which lets Audacity export as MP3.