You Tube

Hi. Just downloaded audacity. 2.0.5 Windows xp. Very basic question. Tried reading tutorials and just lost. Sorry. Can I download audio only to my computer from You Tube music video’s? I want to add to my music library. I have Format Factory so could format any audio into aac. Thanks again for any help and again apologize for basic question.

Some computers do this better than others. Audacity can only record what the computer gives it.


You may not have meant “download” (as distinct from recording) but yes you can download the video or the audio from the video as a file, by entering the web address of the YouTube video on certain online web sites that provide this service, or by downloading standalone programs or add-ons for your web browser that do this.

Downloading has the advantage over recording that is quicker for a long video, and the downloaded file will not lose any quality.

On the other hand, recording the audio with Audacity will lose a little quality because the digital file has to be converted to analog then back to digital as part of the recording process.

You can search Google or Bing for web sites or programs that let you download from YouTube. Naturally we assume you have permission from the original copyright owner of the material to record or download it.


Thanks for reply. I continued to research and believe I have found a solution. I am going to continue to try and use Audacity for other projects.