You Tube audio is

my only current project. I have had Audacity since the low 1.xx’s but only very minor dabbling in the early online radio broadcasts.

I have seen the quick youtube video for recording - successfully got this under my belt.
A few questions:
If I have an hour playlist set in YT to auto record, can this work in the background so i can click and work and listen to other things?
Can you adjust the base /treble and more before the recording starts.
What should I look for in a YT file specs wise before adding to the playlist. Is it possible to equalize low and high volumes in the original YT files
to keep a more constant record level throughout.

Thanks in advance.

Not unless you have 2 computers. If Audacity is recording what is playing through the computer (YouTube), then it will record everything that is playing through the computer (any other media player, and even system sounds.

Thanks, I see I will never EVER catch you in posts… just 45,000+ behind. Yes FAQ’s will answer next question as to how to edit up the hour into individual tracks.

I’m on the board at least.

You can download video from YouTube, then open the video file in Audacity if you have ffmpeg installed in Audacity.
Doing that is quicker & more reliable way of getting a copy of the audio than recording the streaming YouTube.

Download the highest resolution version of the video you can find, as it will usually have the best quality audio.

Use RMS normalize plugin, set to the same value, on each individual track, for more consistent volume between tracks.

thanks Treb, the label splitting operation… is that possible to set up as an automatic function?
I have a YT playlist, can the dead space between tracks not be set to place label? If not, how can I find them without a manual scroll through the recording?

cancel that post question - found it in the good ole FAQ’s like you said