"You posted to 1.2.x, not 1.3.x"

A common refrain here - I’ll bet Gale has it as a cut-n-paste! - is, “You posted in the forum for Ver. 1.2.x, you should use 1.3.x.” That’s absolutely true, but I’ll bet that many people post in the 1.2.x forums because they’re listed first in the Board Index. If those two sections were swapped, I think you’d see many fewer posts to the 1.2.x forums.

Now, that’s not to say that you’d see more people actually using 1.3.x, but it’s a start! :sunglasses:


The elves did discuss some restructuring a while back, but IIRC that is being held off pending 2.0 release.

But in the meantime I support whbjr’s idea (and the reasoning behind it).


This has been discussed thoroughly before between the moderators. I’ve already expressed my opinion before so I’m not bringing that up again. Anyway regarding what whbjr suggested I’d be perfectly fine with it.

If we switch the order of the sections the situation will get inverted and some 1.2.x posts will go to the 1.3.x forum, but since the vast majority of the posts are (should be) in 1.3.x section that is, by far, preferrable.

Summing up… +1 from me too.

Ah - already on the radar, so to speak. That’s all I need to know - thanks!