You do incorrectly divide the forum

I think, the main problem with the forum is that the GENERAL HELP is divided into WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX sub-groups…

however, maybe 90% of questions/problems are same in audacity software across OS-es (for example, how to switch channel or do this or that).
I think , the sub-categories should be merged in one help, and instead, there was some kind of TAGs (or something), while publishing the post, it will indicate whether question is for MAC/WIN/LINUX…

Thanks for your suggestion selnomeria , but I disagree.

There are subtle differences between using Audacity on Windows / macOS / Linux, and it is very rare that people say which platform they are on.

For example, someone may post that they are trying to create a label during a recording with “Ctrl + M”, but it’s not working. That could keep us all posting and puzzled for weeks, until we discover that they are using a Mac (which has a different shortcut for creating a label).

Even so, we are constantly having to ask people “which exact version of Audacity are you using, and what operating system”. That was ten times worse before we split the help board into three OS specific boards.