Yet another total n00b

Does “craig’s list” cover the UK? I just did a quick search for “recording studio” for here in LA and turned up several:

Yeah, I was going to either see the rates or see if we could meet somewhere for a flat fee and they can basically walk me through what exactly I need to do to achieve these levels that are acceptable for Audible. Basically, I need a hand-hold and I think our frustration altogether lies with the fact that people thought I was putting up a recording I thought was ready to upload to ACX. That isn’t the case at all…these are all messing around and trying to get to the correct levels. I am well aware nothing I’ve posted here is ready for ACX. I’m trying to get it as close as possible (knowing what issues to fix) so I can then start on the recordings.

Okay, that makes sense then with the signal drop. I understand how to edit out the clicks and pops, I just didn’t for the sake of this recording as it was more a test to see what more needs to be done (aside from that).

Craigslist isn’t a THING here so much as Gumtree, but I sent out an email to a couple of recording studios and will see what their rates are/if they’re willing to do a meetup.

If they do manage to set you up by yourself, by all means post back and tell us how they did it. I know this seems like a help desk, but it really is a forum, users helping each other. Everybody runs into the same technical slog.

“ACX rejected my posting…”

You are far ahead of the game because you didn’t read for six months only to find the whole novel is unrecoverable.

I sent a note to the neighborhood voice-over studio and haven’t heard back yet.


Thanks for your help so far guys!

I’m sorry we couldn’t get you further along faster. You had the bad luck to follow a posting where someone told us he had accepted an ACX job and wanted to know where to start. I think that was the first time I told someone to find a studio for the first one or two books and then start working at home with a good background of how to proceed and a known place to go if his home studio crashed.

Until then, we had been dragging people through how to record in the bedroom and where to put the duvet, etc, etc. A process usually taking many days for each poster. Also remember “Forum,” not “Help Desk.” We’re an all-volunteer army.

That process is even getting old for ACX. They have posted videos and documents about how to start with your voice and end with posting a successful reading. I haven’t been through the whole course yet (and it is a course) but they seem to have thought this through well. One poster said he had been through the ACX classes multiple times and still had a question or two about reading and recording. I haven’t got the full flavor yet, but my fear is the ACX works are the overarching college level course, not the instructions printed on the back of the box the toaster came in.

I keep wanting to write down specific part numbers or activities and there aren’t many. Those are the questions we get. “Which microphone do I buy and how do I plug it in?”

They’re not completely stable at ACX, either. We got into it with them about how they measure some of the technical specifications, and I haven’t been able to find some of the published documents referenced in the videos.

As we go.