Yet Another Live Monitoring Issue with Blue Yeti

Going to try to get through this without any profanity, even though I’m ready defenestrate myself. I have been using Audacity for a while, but this is absolutely beyond me. I’m running on a Mac OS 12.6 with a Blue Yeti mic. About an hour ago, while recording voice over, the live monitoring that I normally get from the headphone jack in the mic itself just stopped working. No idea how or why this happened. I didn’t touch any settings. After searching this forum and various YT vids, I tried to fix it by messing around in the MIDI settings. I got the sound coming back through my headphones again, but it ONLY lasts until I hit “record” in Audacity, and then it is disabled until I mess with the MIDI settings again.

I messed with some settings inside Audacity itself and the best that I could do was to get it so that I have live monitoring when recording in Audacity but at no other time. Obviously, this is better but I do still have a preference for when things just WORK AS THEY ARE MEANT TO. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This sounds like this issue here: Recent Reports from Several MacOS Forum Users - Overdub Monitoring Not Working on 3.2.1 · Issue #3964 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Please try Audacity 3.1.3 here: Old Audacity versions download and report back.

You sir (or madam) are a gentleman(woman) and a scholar. That fixed it. Many, MANY thanks!

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