Yesterday I could recorder, today no, why??? please, help me

Hi. Please see if you can help me. I was recording bass and vocals with Audacity, using an M-AUDIO 192/4 sound card. The next day I could no longer record, because when clicking the “record” command at the same time, the “stop” command is activated. I have everything well configured, inputs and outputs with the sound card, privacy and access to the microphone from the computer, all ok. I don’t understand what has changed from one day to the next. I updated Audacity, I have looked at 10 tutorials, none give me the solution. It is already despair … what grrrrrrr has happened? how can I solve that? Thank u

*Sorry for my english

Ensure that “Sound Activated Recording” is “off” in “Transport menu > Transport options”.

Sound Activated Recording must be on.

No, that is not correct. Please do not add confusion to the issue.