Yes it Did Work Koz

Yes it did work.When I tried to reply to your reply it posted back in my Post with replies not the Forum.I still don’t know how this works.When I am trying to reply to someone that replied to me do I post a new Post in the Forum or reply inside my Message when I check it (this sounds retared sorry I just don’t understand it,I know it’s not a chat room).

It’s best to post one question by itself and then we all beat up the answer in that one thread by clicking POST REPLY. You reply the same way. There is at least one question that went on to six chapters with multiple opinions, instructions, and conversations, but all in a line and all pertaining to the original question. You can follow the thread beginning to end whenever you wish. All three weeks of it. That makes the search process a little easier, too.

Do you remember where the original question was? It’s sometimes good to bookmark the original question and then you will get all the responses hanging from the bottom each time you return.

What was the original question in English? Are you the MIDI keyboard?